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Thankful For My TEFL Certification...

It was with the sole purpose of gaining a certification to teach English abroad.

Thankful For My TEFL Certification

Feb. 14th | Posted by 0 comments

When I first signed up for my online TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) it was with the sole purpose of gaining a certification to teach English abroad. I had set a goal to move to Germany and was painstakingly researching, planning, and preparing for this giant step. One of my first hurdles was to find a way to legally support myself in another country.

I had an old friend who already lived in Germany and she was able to provide me with contacts that had successfully uprooted their lives and started careers in the country. They had both completed TEFL courses and were using the knowledge and training they had received in order to teach English lessons. I had doubted my ability to teach English, and even more so my ability to teach it to someone who could not speak English at all. How could you explain English grammar and punctuation to someone who could not even say “Hello, my name is…” in English?

Upon arriving at the Camp Adventure International Summer Camp, I quickly learned that not knowing German fluently was actually something considered to be in my favor. There are other various forms of effective communication such as gesture and miming that will help you to get your point across. Due to a lack of English knowledge, the students were forced to use the only English that they knew in order to ask the questions that they had, and they were not able resort to their mother tongue that I would not understand. I did have some background in German, but was told not to let them know for this reason.

Being totally immersed in this country with its own culture and language I too learned the value of this teaching style. I was forced on many occasions to resort to miming, gesturing, and elementary level German in order to find my way. Luckily, many Germans speak English and it isn’t too difficult to get by with limited German language knowledge if you aren’t able to speak it.

After spending my summer learning and growing with my students as we mutually broadened our cultural, and linguistic horizons I can recognize even more the value of acquiring my TEFL. Through the English course I was able to strengthen and improve my knowledge of not only the language itself, but also learn to appreciate the importance of simplicity. This life experience and skill has helped to develop me personally even more as a writer, and deepened my desire to help others express themselves through the use of the English language.

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